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Marc Guillemot will test the first HÉOLE solar sail during the next Route du Rhum 2022.

Currently under construction in Saint Philibert, Marc Guillemot’s new catamaran breaks established codes by combining performance and a good level of comfort with an innovative environmental approach. This boat, designed by the talented Christophe Barreau to whom we owe the TS series in particular, will be fast and nervous, comfortable and light.

The fruit of his many years of experience, Marc’s catamaran will carry several innovations, such as a nacelle placed on a silent block to damp vibrations at high speed and thus improve the comfort of life on board.

In line with its eco-responsible values, its catamaran is built in a process of reducing the carbon footprint. Many parts of the boat come from old units and it’s a real recycling lesson that the skipper is giving us here.

In navigation, the MG5 will be far from going unnoticed since it will be the first to be equipped with an organic photovoltaic sail HÉOLE! The solar mainsail will produce the energy necessary for the operation of the boat and ensure its energy autonomy


Objective : The Route du Rhum 2022 !

The boat will be launched at the end of 2021 at the port of La Trinité sur Mer, which will give the skipper a year to tame his beast for his 6th participation in the Route du Rhum. Its objective will therefore be to run this legendary race across the Atlantic in total energy autonomy, thanks to its HÉOLE solar sail.

Crossing the ocean leaving a clean wake, a dream come true. 

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