Founded in 2021, Héole is developing a technology of electric generators in fabrics and membranes based on organic photovoltaic cells: OPVs.

Thanks to this new technology, HÉOLE designs real sails and solar envelopes to meet the energy needs of boats and airships.


Offer a virtuous solution for the unlimited autonomy of sea and air ships, thanks to the energy of wind and light.

This formidable technology will supply energy to sailboats, airships as well as buildings and flexible constructions that are ephemeral or isolated, such as field hospitals or temporary hangars.

With Héole, free ourselves from fossil fuels!


Thanks to a very innovative process, our team has developed a technique for integrating organic solar cells into flexible supports.

Our sail collects the energy of the Wind, but also of the Light to produce the energy on board!

Be autonomous, carbon-free, clean, silent …… ..
Say yes to eco-navigation!

The team

HEOLE’s unique know-how lies in the complementarity of the expertise of its founders, which brings together:

  • a perfect scientific knowledge of the characteristics of OPV cells, which allows them to be specifically defined, adapted for their production and then their integration into transparent or translucent supports, of membrane or tissue type, in relation to their destination
  • an expertise in light energy and its use
  • an expertise of the conditions of use of these energy generators
  • a significant experience with on-board electricity

Guillaume Wantz

Our passionate scientist, the ace of OPV

Marc Guillemot

Our talented skipper, the king of the wind

Pierre Chabert

Notre fou volant, la star des des dirigeables de record

Jean-Marc Kubler

Our master of light, the expert in luminotechnics

Martin Delapalme

Our adventurer, a pioneer in the autonomy of sailboats

Anne-Cécile Loste

Our home port. Down to earth, she is the conductor of the company.

Why Héole ?

= Heol + Eole

n Breton “Heol” means “sun”…
In Greek mythology, “Aeolus” is the master and steward of the winds.

The sun and the wind being the two components of the autonomy provided by our sails, we have merged these two words and created:

the Builder of energy autonomy.

They support us: