Build with us the energy autonomy of tomorrow for a sustainable world!

of energy

HÉOLE develops organic photovoltaic sails intended for the production of green energy to power boats, electric airships, ephemeral or isolated buildings or constructions.
Objective: to ensure unlimited energy autonomy.
HÉOLE sails represent the eco-responsible and innovative alternative to fossil fuels and pollutants.
HÉOLE technology adapts to all types of support and has good development prospects in the bioclimatic building sector in particular.
Green energy, free and unlimited
Totally eco-responsible, HÉOLE sails and organic photovoltaic fabrics exploit what nature offers us in an unlimited way: the sun and the wind

They do not use any rare materials, use very little energy in their manufacture and are fully recyclable.

A highly media project

We invite you to take up a double challenge with us:

  I-  an ocean crossing by sea

  II-  a crossing of the sea by air,

… in total energy autonomy!

  • Green energy, free and unlimited: the sun and the wind
  • Innovative technology: the OPV cell
  • A racing catamaran equipped with an OPV Héole sail, skippered by Marc Guillemot
  • An electric airship built in Héole sail, piloted by Pierre Chabert

« Put technology and innovation at the service of the environment »

Participate in a
winning synergy

Based on our expertise in the fields of OPV and light engineering, we have brought together two ambitious projects to meet the challenge of photovoltaic sailing: MG5 and LÉLIO TransocéanS.

  1. Marc Guillemot with his MG5 windrift team
    is currently building its catamaran for the next Route du Rhum. MG5 will be equipped with the world’s first organic photovoltaic sail. The legendary Route du Rhum race will be the perfect opportunity to test it in real conditions.
  2. Pierre Chabert with his team LÉLIO,
    builds its electric airship for the Transméditerranée record. Lélio will be made with the organic photovoltaic fabric Héole.

HÉOLE, MG5 et LÉLIO TransocéanS

Together, we have launched a R&D and highly publicized events program, which we invite you to join.

A program in 3 steps!

Development and design of the HÉOLE organic photovoltaic sail

The organic cells used by HÉOLE are thin, flexible, light, efficient even in low light, and with a low carbon footprint.

Our synergy with the MG5 offshore racing team and Marc Guillemot constitutes a unique opportunity to test and make the first HÉOLE sail more reliable, on the occasion of the next Route du Rhum.

Participation of Marc Guillemot's MG5 * Héole catamaran in the Route du Rhum 2022.

Marc Guillemot, whose record in offshore racing is no longer presented, will take part in the next edition of the legendary Route du Rhum. He will embark aboard his brand new catamaran designed by Christophe Barreau: the MG5.

Currently under construction in Saint-Philibert (La Trinité sur Mer), MG5 will be the first sailboat to be equipped with the revolutionary HÉOLE sail.

Manufacture of the Lélio Transoceans airship for the transmediterranean record, 2023.

After crossing the Atlantic with the MG5, which will have left behind a clean and limpid wake, the LÉLIO airship will soar into the Mediterranean sky to do the same in total energy autonomy.

At the controls of this airship of a new world, made of Héole photovoltaic membrane, Pierre CHABERT, holder of an Oscar for his illuminating balloons on the set of the film “Titanic” and already holder of the record for crossing the Channel, as well that soon that of speed in electric airship.

Innovative technology,
worn by a legendary sailor
and a pioneer of the modern airship,
on the occasion of high profile events:
“The ideal recipe for sustainable and positive visibility!”

Be in the light,
Become a partner!

  • Present yourself as a carrier of essential ecological and technological progress

  • Position yourself as a leader in the energy transition in offshore racing

  • Affirm your values through concrete and significant action

  • Ensure excellent visibility thanks to the media coverage of ocean racing and this record, and above all to the novelty of this technology.

  • Make the future possible!

Embark on the adventure

With us, build energy autonomy for a sustainable world!
To affirm your commitment to the planet and become a player in the transition, contact Martin Delapalme, in charge of sponsorship and external resources.